Wednesday, October 27, 2010


You possess my heart
    Yet are held in my dreams
    You rule each of my breath
    Yet are locked inside me

   Devoured of lust
   I crave for your touch
  You make my body shine
   with your kisses

  Let me revel in your spirit
  with a word you ingite the
  fire in a cold fibres of my heart

  a caress, a kiss, even a
  gentle brush of hands sends
  and thousand vibrations
   to capsize me in seduction...

  You hold me close in your arms
   with bodies entwined as one
   Feeding my fantasises,
    as raindrops calm a heated earth! !

what is love?

Love is worship
Love is passion
Love is a promise
Love is friendship
Love is forgiveness
Love is trust
Love is pain
Love is waiting for someone
Love is sharing one's feeling
Love is a song
Love is a smile
Love is happiness
Love is an emotion
Love is acceptance
Love is you and me

wedding bells

Adorned in traditional attires

 U look so elegant,so beautiful

The sparkle of the jewels

 dazzling the prying eyes of the bachelors.

Young married couples,

lost in fond memories.

Sweet wishful tears of the aged.

The dhol and the sahanai,

all sing in unison,

The timeless tune that

unites two souls.

Even the most ambitious of the stars above

 agree that the two brightest stars

 are shining on Earth to night.

The Vidaai,

touches the heart of everyone present there.

The most emotional moment

everyone seem sad.

Parents eyes are moist

wondering why

they have to give away

their little girl,

a piece of themselves.

As u leave the treasured home of your parent

all become sentimental

 shed tears and bestow

their blessing for a blissful future!

Speechless and measureable---''SHE''

She is a person of reason
A person of will
A person of affection
A person who has a mission to carryout

She is one who surrender her selfhood
to create life.
For nine-months,
her very body ceases to be her alone
As it bears and nurtures another life.

She keeps on going when everyone else gives up
And take care of her family
through sickness and fatigue without complaining.
She deserve to be respected for her individuality.
She is a symbol of modest and mercy
She is beauty
She is human.

So Man,
Treat her well
Love her
Respect her
For She is fragile.
In hurting her, you hurt God
In crushing her,
You only damage your own heart.
She’s a gift made for man
Masterpiece of beauty and grace.

She is a
the greatest gift to man! !

Return To Eden

There lives a dream in Her heart of a beautiful garden
a secret sacred garden.

She wants to be filled with lush green
Waterfalls, sunlight, misty vapors
And mystical fragrant breeze.

She want to be soft, gentle and romantic.
She want to be loved and adored,
And revered in her right place,
As our Mother-
     the giver of all life! ! !

Some says, She did wrong and is being punished,
Other says, She is less than Divine,
and does not have the ability
to remain Eternal.

Whatever the reason,
She is tired now, very tired.
All the Pristine beauty is vanishing away
Dirty streams run in her nerves
Her land bare as a desert
Her wild life is dead and air full of smoke
Her face is old and careworn.
Her heart has been so broken by
Our rejection of Her,
She has lost Her place of
reverence in Our Hearts.

The Sun God planted His spirit into
Her biological womb
and from there we grew…..

Will She forgive us? ?

It’s a journey that begins in the heart..
We will never move to save
Our Mother Earth
unless we open our hearts to feel Her pain! !

Mother Earth is Dying..
And now Her one hope of healing
lies in a Return to Eden…

nature's wonder

Trees Trees Trees
Where would we be without You,
The very air we breathe is
improved by the presence of You.
You absorb harmful chemicals
gives off oxygen.
You maintain our global enviroment
in a way that
We are just beginning to understand!

A great gift to mankind
You bring life
gives flower,
makes paper to read books
and write on it
Gives apples and oranges
Gives us medicine to cure our ailments.
Makes the world green and colourful
Feed the starving animals,
yet at the same time provide
Shelter for the animals
Gives shade,
Someone’s home
Makes life beautiful and wonderful!

If nothing else,
You give us an excuse to sit
close ur eyes
listen to the wind
rustle through their leaves!

You give us so much
Taking almost
Nothing in return! !

a prayer to god...

God for all you are teaching me,
Your ways are perfect.
I cast all my cares upon you
I know you care for me.

I know you have seen all my pains and tears,
I wipe away my tears
I choose to embrace,
The thruth
Written in your word
Declare it by faith
Out of my mouth.

I surrender my life to you.
Who is worthy of praise,
For creating me as a woman…to fulfill your plans
Purpose on this Earth.

beauty lies in the hand of beholder...

He put his hand on her face
Caressing her,
He was so gentle
She just wanted to melt into him...
She knew the feeling of his skin,
Eyes had so many shades
so many mixtures.
she felt like crying.........
He noticed this and
without a word
held her close to him! !
''You're beautiful, he whispers,
She wished that she could see herself,
to see if he is right!
She just hold into him,
to feel the steady beat of his heart
beneath her fingers.....
He kissed the top of her head
and strokes her hair,
and said,
''I dont care if you can't see me,
I love you,
whether you can see me or not''
She wipe the tears from her beautiful eyes
and asked him,
How can you love a Blind Girl....!
He laughed,
it was like a music.....
''There is much more to you
than just Blindnesss.
You're still beautiful..............''! ! ! ! ! !


the golden period of life
the child lives a life of great innocence.

She is extremely lovable,
and darling of every heart;

She knows no worries
she is fond of colours,
the colourful lights,
at night invite her mind
she will look to the moon and stars
and wish to get at any cost

Weeping is hers easiest weapon
Her obstinacy and hard headedness in Momentary
She laugh and weeps in the same breath.
I cannot withstand her tears and
want to see her laughing and playing.
I try to fulfil her every possible desires.

When she started eating,
my heart filled with great pride.
I begin to weave dreams
of her greatness and
watch her progress very minutely.
I read the world through her eversmiling eyes.

A little uneasiness on the part of my child
make me heart weep
After all she is my flesh and blood
She is ''My Darling Daughter''


The colour of blood
The colour of flower
The colour of fame
A symbol of guilt, sin and anger
Associated with lust, passion, love and beauty
Catches people attention
Is the blood, sacrifices, courage of those
Who defended their countries,
Is the Sun and the hope
And warmth it bring
And the sacrifices of Christ blood.
Gives us courage and strength
Relates to stability and security
Is the Fire
The heat of the temper
The grounding colour
When we are angry and frustrated
We see red
Stands for power
Power of emotions
Finance or power in relationship.
Most emotionally intence colour
Ultimate cure for sadness


God has created-'Mother'

he couldnot be present everywhere.
When a girl child is in the womb
she is being eliminated,
before she can enter the world.

In her teenage-
she misses nutritious food to eat.
Some mother don't have
Value of Motherhood

The nation of mother's
still Follows-
a culture
where people
idolizes son and mourn daughter.


When I got married,
leaving my parents back,
tears roll down from my eyes.

When I delivered my child,
the first tender touch who
gave me, the name-'mother'.
Holding her in my hand
tears roll down, from my eyes.

When I lost my father,
who taught me and
wished to remain happy
in my life;
remembering him,
tears roll down from my eyes.

When I came close to someone
and he broke my heart;
leaving me alone,
for crying,
tears roll down from my eyes.

When a humble friend,
who is always understanding
and brings a lot of joy
in my life,
tears roll down from my eyes.


From this place,
they say
you are leaving;
I will miss the time,
we shared together
holding hand in hand
promising never to leave each other.

From this place,
they say-
come and visit me some day, if you can
Just close your eyes and remember
this place and the moment
we spend together.
What we have lost
was the beautiful yesterday
for which my eyes are even wet today.
I will miss your sweet smile
which used to
brighten my life.

From this place
they say-
how can you break my heart
how can you leave me alone to suffer,
how can you forget that
someone still loves
and lives just because of you.

From this place,
they say-
I will miss you more,
when I have something special to share.

An Unconditional Love..!!

Every moment is a precious,
Unique and incredible
Gift of life!
A magnificient Sunset,
The cool breeze,
The laughter of a child,
The warmth embrace of a friend….
Unconditional love…
Loving without limitations,
Condition or reservations!
It’s a gift,
A birth right given to us
From the very beginning…
When we love God,
Without reservation,
He fills our heart
With his unconditional love,
That love, no human tongue can describe….

From the laughter of children at play,
To the golden rays of the sun
Beaming through sky at sunset,
The eternal song of love
Permeates all creation
Each beat of our heart
Pulses to this rhythem
To know this grander love
Is to go beyond
The sensation of a kiss
Or a mother’s tender
Touch in time of need
This universal love is unconditional!
It breathes life into our being
And sustain us!

by my side...

with you by my side
i don’t have to hide
i feel safe in your arms
you made me love my self
and love somebody else
your smile warms my heart
your touch reaches my very core
when i look into your eyes
i forget my worries,stresses
and all my fears
you gave me reason to smile
i love u
my soul belongs to you
there’s no day
that passes by
that I don’t think of you
we are apart
you are there
and I am here
by still
i can feel you
by my side
and I will never
ever let you go
i can’t take it anymore
i have never felt this way
about someone before…!!!


love is real
when it is found
love is free
when it is grasped
love is the magic
love is patient and kind
love is not jealous or boastful
love does not demand
love never gives up
never loses faith
love is always hopeful
and endures through
every circumstance
love is finding
the beauty in one’s self
finding another to embrace it
love lasts forever…!!!

A white rose..

Is it that a white rose
A symbol of love,purity and innocence

 Is it that a white rose
Considered to be the original rose

 Is it that a white rose
Suggest a humble attitude,
An element of awe.

Is it that the world
Was torn in war
With lots of bloodshed around
A white rose
Turned red
After bloodshed on it

Is it that a white rose
 most elegant
 a expresses a variety of feeling.

some unspoken words..

some unspoken words...
some unmentioned mark ..
 some broken thoughts
some unsaid desires ..
all buried deep in heart ..
all buried for the life...
... all buried till ma last breath ...
wid absence of the ur benign self
ma dreams wd remain .........!!!!

some unspokenwords.......
some unsaid desires...
the language of ur eyes...
d depth of ur breath ...
d voice of ur silence ..
d thunder of the calm..
all had wrds ...
which no one can hear
whch no want to hear..
whch no can escape
the loud beating of the heart
said wht unsaid desires were ,
wht unspoken wrds were,
wht broken thots were,
wht were buried deep in heart
wht were buried for life ..
wht wanted buried till ma last breath ....

right next to me.....

She may be far away
but always close to my heart
i jerked awake,
when i feel eyes on me
i know it’s she…

my hands searching for her
my heart pounding so fast
i had never felt like this before…

i breathe her name
that one name
that was my very heart
the moment
i close my eyes
she was there,smiling…

her lips moulded
against mine
i stop breathing
 for a while,
wen she touch
i can sense,
the love from her
her gentle and elegant hands
capped my face tenderly…

no one can ever
take her place
only she can love me this way
even through
she is far away
i feel her right next to me…..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love To Parents!!

Love To Parents!!

What great pains
did she not endure during childhood?
How many times
did we not cause her
  embarrassment and humiliation?
Did she ever complain,
when she had to feed
clean and clothe us!
She served us with love!
She may be grey and wrinkled
but endless hours,
 days and years of her sacrifice
  as a mother
 deserves love!
who struggles in rain,
the cold and the heat of a day
to earn enough to feed,
clothe and educate us.
Our parents-
 who has the most rights
  to our hearts,
love and respect.
 Honour them-
  spread  ur wealth
    in their welfare,
     strive in their interest
     tolerate and bear with them
     in old age.
Serve them,
treat them gently,
be good to your parents.
Offer them
 a word of
comfort and companionship.

Are we really independent??

63years of Independence
When I looked outside
I found that
this independence is no where….
One question?
are we really independent?
The society
surrounded by corruption
and corrupt politicians.
Bribery was the order of day!
Man scheming,
killing other innocent men
barbaric and brutal!
Children are kidnapped for money.
Shortage of water,
electricity and food.
People are free to do any violence
in the name of caste and state.
Fear of being
raped and molested,
girls fear to come out alone.
Blinded by religion fanaticism
one community mercilessly
kills the others.
Bondage of poverty and darkness..
Are we really free?
Crime rate increased
People no longer feel safe
Each one of us living
a misleading path of life
where our likes and dislikes
doesn't make any sense
Was this the independence
that we were looking for!!

Bond of protection

Relationships are the essence of festivity
Raksha Bandhan
assumes all forms of righteousness
destroyer of all sin
the tying of an amulet
A sacred thread of protection
the chaste love
blossomed in the heart of
brother and sister
Celebrated on full moon
the ritual begins
with a prayer
sister put kumkum
blessed rice on the head
And tie Rakhi
On their brother’s wrist
Exchange of gifts
as token
of their eternal love
these gifts do not have any voice
neither do they have any
power of words
The day stands for the
Unconditional love and affection
Shared between
BrotHer and sister
The thread of Rakhi may
look delicate
but it possess immence strength
The strength of blessing!!

falling in love.....

have you ever met someone
who is
just adorable
who is considerate
of your feelings
who gives you
just the amount
of attention
that you desire?
what  a wonderful experience..
the first flushes of love
the heart starts pounding
our temperature rises
butterflies begin fluttering
life suddenly becomes
much more exciting…..
you think about them when
you are getting dressed
in the morning
you forget to eat,sleep
you can’t concentrate on work
you realize
you miss them
when they are not around..
a little love in our system
surprises us so much
you can’t help
but smile…..

money can't buy everything

money is important
no doubt about that
but money cannot buy everything....
love is priceless
money can't buy love
money can't buy love
money can't buy beauty or hope
money can't buy happiness
money can't buy feeling for others
money can't buy loving and kind friend
money can't buy seeing lover
who are madly in love
kissing each other in the rain
money can't buy the sound and sight of ocean wave
money can't buy the feeling
you get inside
when you go out to make
someone's day
a little brighter
money can't buy the tears of joy
that flow when you
see your beloved
after a long time
money cant buy when you look
into the eyes of your lover
you can feel
it in your heart--
the realization of true love!!

love you mom

you are beauty
you  are kind and caring
you are a human,
a person of reasons
a person of affection
when I came into this world
you hold me in your arms
dried our tears
i heard you saying
a prayer for me
i felt you kiss me goodnight
i felt loved
i saw tears come
from your eyes
and I dreamed that
sometimes things hurt
you sat impatiently iIn sorrow
through your life
your lips tasted bitter tears
you gave me your heart,
your very soul
you deserve much more
than words can say
i see your face
which always smiles
your love is like
the rush of life
you are made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain
you are a masterpiece
of beauty and grace
a gift made for every child!!

The Clowning Glory

A short figure
               With a brightly painted face
                 Wearing flambouant clothes
                struts into the circus ring
                waves his hats
                And lets out a cheery whoop
         The next second
                He has the spectators laughing
                as he trumbles over
                 when he is hit by a football
                 aimed at him by his friend
       Be it amusing the audience
              by their antics
                And comical imitation
             of other performers
            they are an internal
             and irrevocable part of Circus
         In the ring
           He has to maintain
             An air of witticism,cheerfulness
                all the time
             Regardless of his inner feelings
            If he always display
             A smile,
            doesn’t mean that
              he don’t know
           how to be sad
           aAnd how to cry
     Having a faƧade
       doesn’t mean
       that he is really
       Happy and numb
        For all the pain
       the world gives
   One thing that sets him
   Apart from a stone…
    A heart….

I Want To Be Loved

From the depth of my heart, i called your name
Since long i was waiting to see you, when that day will come and
will knock my door.
I spend my nights thinking of you.
It seems that time has stopped and
instead of coming close, you are going far-far away.
Where are you--
please come, come soon
hold me tight and let me go away
I am getting senseless without you.
I have lost my sleeps
Open the door of your heart
and let me come in.
Dont be late
I need you, your love and kindness,
which will stay with me always
I want to share my love, feelings, sorrows, happiness, emotions
and life with you.
Come and wipe my tears, when i am weeping
Make me forget my worries
Keep me loving as days goes by
Love me as i am-
I Want To Be Loved

My Life

Darkness in the room, as dark as night;
My life was darken, as dark as twilight.
Dark was the dream, darken than than my might.
Dark was the birth; darken than the midnight.
Dark was the man, as dark as his deeds;
No one came for my help, when I was in need
I was in the death bed, deadly my disease was,
Death was waiting for me, as I was waiting for death....