Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day in sky

Oh! Dear pilot,
take me higher,
higher up in the sky
I want to fly,
I want to be free from all worries....

Oh Dear!
I want to touch the sky
I want to touch the clouds
I want to sit with Angels side by side...

Fly me higher
without bounds I soar.
Take me for a ride.
Like a bird,
I want to see the earth from the sky

I want to fly towards the sky
Over the mountain,
Over the sea
Over the rainbow so high....
Reach for the sky,
its my dream to be up there,
So, my dear pilot..
take me higher
higher up in the sky..! !

feel the magic of monsoon..

The word itself makes one happy,
 The season of rainbows and raindrops.
The washed streets
The fresh leaves
Seem to smile with you.

The intoxicating smell
 Of the dry earth
 Getting drenched
 The splashing waters
The tiny paper boats
 Sailing on the clogged water

The farmers rejoice in the showers
  That promise
To bring their prosperity

The rivers joyfully overflow
The trees dance
To the tune of wind
The mountains and fields
Covered with
Verdant green carpet
Ready to welcome you.

Everyone from
Little children to old men
To the dust covered trees,
Look forward
To the thunderous rain of monsoon.

just because.

Just because…..

He is the most wonderful,
Amazing,sweet and kind
A guy  I have ever known
In my entire life

I love him because….
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
He makes me happy
Accepts  the real me
Appreciates me for
 who I am
I feel safe
when I am with him

I love him
for offering
 his shoulder for me
 to lean on….

I love him
for making me feel better
for making me feel special
for making me feel alive
for making my dream come true

so I send these words with love
why did I send them??
                     just because….

i miss him..

Missing someone is terrible
      its a sweet feeling
      rushing to the phone
      once it rings
      hoping that its him
       looking out of the window
       hoping that
      he will surprise you
      sitting infront of the television
     but thinking of him
     lying on bed
     thinking of the last time
     you were together

our first date or our first kiss

the glance..
the smile…
oh! the first kiss…

we met
his lips touched mine
and we had our first kiss

his kiss was
soft and gentle
smooth and warm

it’s a feeling
words cant describe
i breathe in so hard
tried to catch my breath
as we deeply fell in love

with graceful eyelashes
 i can see reflection
   of our love
i look into his eyes,
we smile,
 that was our first kiss

was it our first date?
Was it our first kiss??

august love

This august
a tauriantough guy met
a sweet sensitive sad leo girl
and fell in love with her

He gently took her hand in his
and said,
‘’i will hold your hand
when you need me
i will do my best to
make you smile
you are so special’’

Leo girl
shared her world with him
all the smiles and tears
how lucky she was
to have him in her life.

She whispered that…
‘’i never knew that
i was alive
until you showed me
how to live
i need to feel loved in my life
need to be with you…!!’’

everything about him

i love the way you laugh
i love the way u smile
i love how you care
and all the joy you bring
i love the way you are always
here by my side
i love the way
you pick me up
when i am down
i love when you make me mad
i love when you tease me
you are my soul
you are my heart
you mean more to me
i am so in love with you
i don't go one minute
without thinking of you
that i was with you
thankyou for everything thankyou for teaching me to love you
before,i feared love
bt now i know i cant go on
in love
my love,my only love
you have allowed me to open up
my heart and trust again
u have allowed me to smile
be happy again..!!!

as time goes by..

as time goes by..
our lives seems to stop
leaving us confused

but sometimes in the middle of
our ordinary life
that special person
walks right in
brighten up our lives
we feel lucky
as they makes
our life worthwhile
they reach to you
to show that
they truly love and care
 gives a reason to live..!!!

I Want To Be Loved..2

Looking back at the  time
 when I was in my teens
i wrote a poem
when I was nineteen
‘’I want to be loved….’’

Today I found him
he came in my life
gave it meaning
he took over my heart
he knew everything I felt
my every weakness
and listen to my problem

he understands
what I am going through
has given me
more than I expect
a man I can connect
as a lover
who loves me in every respect
he is simply perfect
i love him each and every day
his love is strong and bright
leaves me with a smile..!!

life goes on..

like the morning dew,
giving life
the sun giving warmth
life goes on….

everyday is a day of decision
there are lots of
beautiful things around us
its just a matter
how we see it
how we realize it..

before you feel like
giving up.
why you are here
even if you are sad today
someone else
may hold you there..

as much as you can
love deeply
just remember..
life goes on….

his smile..

his sparkling smile
in your smile
my world blossoms
in your smile
my dreams touches the sky
in your smile
my heart melts
in your smile
i try to smile
in your smile
i speak to you
in your smile
i find my self somewhere
i have never been before
in your smile
we become one
in your smile
i am alive
in your smile
i feel
how much I am loved….!!!

I Love You Darling!!!

I am dieing to be in your arms
the warmth and comfort
i find here,
can’t be felt anywhere
in the whole world wide!

i have been craving for
the kind of love,
care and affection
that you have given me from ages.

the way you hold me,
take care of me,
feed me
with those awesome
finger licking dishes
prepared with
the secret ingredient of
unconditional love,
are totally exotic!!

the moment spent with you
have been
the best memories…

i like the playful
harmless teasing,
the way you look
into my eyes
make me
fall in love
with you
over and over again….

your cute little smile
the warmth hugs
the silken smooches
you holding me,
as if
the day’s
never gonna end
you have made me crazy
i am enjoying this feeling
to the core!!!

please keep loving me
like this always….
your’s and only your’s….


The little drops of rain
on your window
like pinkish-orange sky
during sunset,
the cool breeze
blowing through  the hairs
the sweet aroma
of the white little flower
the chirping birds
they all make much sense
when you are around
because you are
 the one who
 give all these things
a new meaning….

In the winter of my life..

In the winter of my life
will you come with me
winter holds me
with his arms of icy white.
The bitter,freezing
 winter cold
no wood for fire
as I sat,cld and alone
the days grew darker
as the night grew chill

In the winter of my life
will you walk beside me
winter winds,
so cold
the way it feels
against my skin
i cannot stand
let me hold your hand

In the winter of my life
will you embrace me
cold frost brings a need
to touch
wanting love
so very much

In the winter of my life
will you let me share your life
you are my lover
when you are tired and blue
i will be there for you
without asking,
without questioning......

she is the one..

she takes my breath away

when I see her

she’s beautiful, quiet and shy

she knows I like her

but she has no clue how much

i cant imagine life without her

she makes me feel like

no one else does

the touch of her beautiful soft face

makes me enlighten with happiness

she’s my heart, my joy, my everything

she accepts me

for who i am

she doesn’t try to

make me change

she makes me feel complete

she's the one who know me

better than even me

she’s got a way of touching my heart

like nobody else knows

she always denies

she’s perfect

but I know what she is

she’s my princess in the

morning, afternoon and night

when I kiss her on her tender lips

she moves her hands

and touches the side of my face

makes me tingle

the world stops for a while

every minute

we share together

is a minute

i will hold tight

she’s the woman
 of my dreams

i love from the top of her head

to the tip of her toes

she’s amazing

she’s the last thing

i think about at night


first thing about in the morning…

love of my beloved

His love is like none other
he’s faithful,he’s responsible
he takes care of me
when i’m really crabby
he stays up with me and
talks to me,when I can’t sleep

he pushes me to do better
he takes his career seriously
he is fond of cars
he buys chocolates and cards for me
he trusts me completely
he loves me for who I’m
he loves
when i say
that he’s increadibly romantic

i love when he truly
 makes me feel beautiful
from inside and out
i love when he tells me
that he will always
protect me
and  i know he
mean it

i always calls him handsome
 never tire of looking at him
i love his confidence
i like his cuddles and snuggles
he has an amazing sexy voice
l love when he place
a soft kiss on my forehead
I miss him when he’s gone

i like when he takes care of me
i love when he listen to me
I love the way
He tolerates my possessiveness
i like when he calls me ‘baby’
he likes to hug me tight
we both like long drive
holding hand in hand

i love the way he makes me smile
saying nothing
i love when he whisper
in my ear’I want you’
he treats me like a wife
and sweetheart
i love him,he’s my life
my everything!


Today,as dawn rises
morning walk made a pleasure
i stepped out of my house
 at 7.30 in the morning
when after some brief step
i looked around
the grayness of the particles
of fog changes to white
as if a fine snow
was coming down
some small lights were visible on road
the fog surrounds me
i can’t see what’s
on the other side
as i reached park
i noticed,i could
see the closest trees clearly,
green fields seem gray
isaw everything
but more in a blur and
the dense fog lasted several hours
i admit i enjoyed it!

Welcome 2012

Lets welcome 2012
The New Year has come
 with promises of good fate and prosperity
 its time of merry making
 lets  share the joy
 lets share the ecstacy;
 to distribute happiness
 lets forget our past mistakes
 lets be good and content,
 kind to each other
lets someone love you enough
to forgive your faults
lets hope to do a little better
so, my dear
 follow your heart
never surrender your dreams
make your own decision
look for opportunities
live your life for yourself
believe in the dreams
meet your challenges
live each moment to the fullest
never let love
depart from your life…!!!

she is my angel..

she has fallen from the sky above
   fallen to the ground,
she is an angel that nobody could see
   an angel,what she is to me.

In my heart and mind
where she lives
an angel with beautiful brown eyes
 and black silky hairs

she loves me for who i am
she cares about me
she has brought love in my heart
she is everything i want
  every thing i need..

she got a way of touching my heart
  like nobody else knows,
she is the one i feel at peace
when i'm laying in her arms

I can't stop thinking about her
when ever she touches me,
it sends a chill up my spine,
  her kisses on my lips
   is something i long for each day

my heart is no longer lonely
  my angel has love for me
that is very pure and kind

she is my angel,
send from god to share
life with me...

last night...

love is timeless
yet it passes through
the ups and downs of life
sometimes it makes it
yet other times
it breaks us
when the heart is broken
it hurts a lot
it cries,it shouts
it bleeds with pain
yet no one can see it.
but one should remember
everything passes
this shall also pass through
if you are hurt today
tomorrow you will smile too
the beauty lies in the shades of darkness
as the saying goes..
it is not the end
if all is not well
so hold on tight
better times are
on the way....

mystery of love...

love is timeless
yet it passes through
the ups and downs of life
sometimes it makes it
yet other times
it breaks us
when the heart is broken
it hurts a lot
it cries,it shouts
it bleeds with pain
yet no one can see it.
but one should remember
everything passes
this shall also pass through
if you are hurt today
tomorrow you will smile too
the beauty lies in the shades of darkness
as the saying goes..
it is not the end
if all is not well
so hold on tight
better times are
on the way....

i adore you!!!

my heart longs for you

my heart longs to leap
at the sound of your voice

my heart longs
to be filled with joy
by your smile

my heart longs for my love

my heart longs to flow to you
as you gently kiss my hand

my heart longs to be warmed
when you hold me in your arms

my heart longs to feel passion
as i caress your face
tenderly kiss you

my heart longs to see
 our love for one another

my heart longs to
express my love for you
as you rub my feet
while we talk

my heart longs to be
calmed and comforted
as i lovinly kiss and caress your arms

my heart longs for me to
feel the love and desire
of your gentle touch

my heart longs to experience
the sensual passion between us

my heart longs for a tender,loving
and passionate kisses

my heart longs to hold you close
and never let you go..

please come back to me

just like the earth expecting rain
to come down during summer
like a light needed
in the darkness
i called upon stars in the sky
wishing you are here..

didn't the sun rises on the east
and sleep on the west?
didn't you heard the flower in the garden
whisper about my eternal love for you?
i always ask the moon
when are you going
to fulfill my dreams..

i can't think for a life,
only love that floating
beneath the shadow of beauty
that gives an eternal moment...

my love,
    let us make something new,
a love that only a few

my love,
i have dream about you,
your touch,
your kindness and
everything that i desire in you..

knowing that my heart is missing you
i try to find a place for me
in the corner of your life...

our kiss shall be memorized
among the lovers..
when ever our hands
joined as a unity of love,
i'll always love you
i'll always do.
please come back to me....

love names means to him..

Jaan- I guess that's too obvious, because you are my life. It starts
and ends with you.

Baby/ bacha/ raja beta- because i feel responsible for you, because i
want to take care of you, because i'll be there to protect you as my
little one, no matter what and because you never say no to what i say,
meri shab baatein maan lete ho.

Shona- because you are too beautiful, and you are as pure as gold.

Mithi/ sweetu- i call you this because you are very sweet, as a person
and you taste amazingly sweet.

Darling- because you are.

Cutie- because you are very very cute, you have the innocense of a baby.

Babu- because i give you every right to rule me, to be my boss.

Huney- because you have the sweetness and texture of honey. The
softness, the silky flavour.

Huny-buny- to be honest they are awesome. Muah.

Princess- because i would want to treat you the way a princess is
treated, cared and loved. I want to pamper you as a princess.

words of love..

Feel the emotion
treasure it in your heart.
Being in love is
such an exqiusite feeling
it creates magical ripples
in your heart

The bond of love,
the togetherness
the caring attitude
all couples up
to a wonderful heavenly feeling

When you are in love
you need to express it
its a miracle which makes
everything around you look greener
bask in the glory of love

Falling in love is the most
sweet moment of your life
that you want to cherish lifelong

True love
has immense power
without love
every human being is powerless,

It is that feeling in you heart
that makes you more responsible
you realize that your presence
holds a lot of importance
in someone's life.

Make your life
bed of roses
with a loving relationship.
Drive your sweetheart
in a whirpool of madness
arouse the deep instinct of love!!!


When two souls
sought together
long in the throng
have finally found each other
fiery and pure
they themselves are
begins on earth
continues forever in heaven..

a religion
which deifies the loved one
who's life comes
from devotion and passion
for which the greatest sacrifies
are the sweetest delights

this is the love
which you inspires me
your soul is made to love
with purity and passion.
This love is true love....

without you...

life is not life,without you
people are around me
still i feel down and lonely
life without you is not life
but a nightmare
that pricks my soul..

without you i am alone
i feel as if you are a million miles aways
as i stare
i know you are always there
when no one seems to care
you added so much happiness
into my life
i need you for all time...

i know you will come to me someday
the feeling i have when you hold me
that feeling i cannot express
 that feeling is beyound me
i love you because you are being true
u complete very whole life through
and the most important is
You love me too.....

i'm sad..

i am sad because you are not by my side

i am sad because  you are not here to make me laugh

i am sad because i cannot see your sweet smile

i am sad because i can only talk to you on phone

i am sad because i cannot feel the touch of your hands

i am sad because i cannot  feel the softness of your lips

I am sad because your hand is not in mine

I am sad because you are not making love to me

i am sad because i miss you

i am sad because my heart beats fast,
aches when i am alone,
missing you makes me sad

i am sad because  i dont know who i am without you

i am sad because i will fall without you

i am sad because without you i have nothing

i am sad because everyday i say
that you will be in my arms
for me not to feel the emptiness

i am sad because another day is gone
i am still here alone

i am sad because i held my tears from falling
i try to ignore the pain inside my heart

i want you back,back in my arms....

what went wrong..

every day i m crying
what went wrong with you
you were so close to me
why you are leaving me
the pain is so intence
i need to stop this pain...

no longer i feel you in my soul
i feel as you are so far away
nothing is clear
i'm lost and sad...

alone in the bed
crying every night
dreaming of the days
holding me in your arms
your gorgeous eyes i will never forget
your lips so smooth
begging for a kiss
still asking myself
what i have done
i dont have the strength to carry on..

i miss you my love
tell me truly with your heart
if you dont love me anymore
just let me know
i will let you go...

you were my everything
now,you are going
my heart is breaking in me
my tears are overflowing
i lay here crying
what went wrong....

why do we fall in love

love is a blissful feeling
 once you feel it,you cant go back
you dont choose love,love chooses you
love has its own time,its own season
its own reason of coming and going...

why do we open our heart
to feel broken and vulnerable
falling in love is human's most divine
sense of feeling...

for some
love never fades away..
but sometimes with that love
comes an ache
this ache wears on their soul
they find themselves forgetting
where they loved in the first place
so,they let go.....

so,why do we fall in love??
knowing it always ends in pain
no one plans to fall out of love
it happens and when it does,it hurts

when you love someone
you sacrifice to give everything you have got
you risk it all no matter what
you miss someone so bad
it makes you cry
you were left alone
without knowing why

why is love so hard to seem them
why is pain so rich and deep
love make us insane
why do we make someone else more
important than ourself
if love hurts
why do we fall in love??

why me????

crying alone

being broken

sleepless nights

days are dark

summer's cold

love is leaving

pain is here

im breaking from inside

dont know where to begin

life has become so complicated

dont know where to go

im tired of my heart

it feels im lost

lost in my own feeling

why me??

he's walking miles

a kind of lonelines has stroke

i cant breathe without him

my heart so emply

so torn

always in pain

always lost

why i cant be happy

why isint my life

not like it should be

never thought

it would come to me like this

never thought

i would miss someone like this

i dont need to stay alive

i cry every single night

why god has been so unfair to me????

A TRIBUTE TO..''my childhood friend''

Let our frienship be a bond

which will always bloom

like a flower

loving and free

bright and colourful

nine years have passed

we haven't met

u r miles aways

still deep in my heart

i still remember

when we were in our teens

pulling pranks just for fun

talking and dreaming about boys

we were always there

 to share our secrets,

pain,tears and joy

you make me laugh

when there is no smile

when ever i am sad

you were always there

 to cheer me up

you know all my emotions

best friends we are

as a childhood friends

we grew up together

swearing to be friends forever!!!

17th august

i wake up in the morning
feeling fresh and new

finally the day has come
the day i waited for whole year

a day to focus
a day to celebrate

i am a gentle, sweet,beautiful person
who glow with
sensitivity and compassion

with warm heart and kind soul

a loving mom,
a woman full of the joy of life.

 its time for pride
its time for me to eat some cake
its time to be the life of my own party
its time for me to enjoy the cheers
its time to spend with friends and nears

its my birthday...
so i cut my cake

instead of counting candles on it
i count blessing everyday!!!!

i'm sorry

im sorry friend

your friendship was a gift
so precious so rare

i know i was wrong
i messed up

we were so close at heart
but we suddenly drifted apart

i know its all my fault
i left a deep scar on your heart

i'm sorry for all those times you cried
i know you feel empty and heartbroken

i know you spend so many nights awake in bed
i know i have caused a unbearable pain

i dont deserve to be forgiven

you were so sincere
helping me out with my problems

that shows how great you are
i'm stupid for letting this fade away

i owe you an apology

forgive me...
it was not my intentions to make you sad

i'm smiling,living but
missing how days are used to be
how we cared for each other without end

i'm sick of feeling like
 something is missing
and i cant make it right

you are my everything

i cant beleive that our friendship
faced a tragic end
its very hard to accept
so ''MISHU'' come back in my life
i need u........


its time to celebrate

 the Triump of good over Evil

its time to forget the differences

its time to get together

its time to exchange

gifts and sweets,

wishing each other prosperity

its time to throng the temples

pray to God

entreat the dieties

to bless us and

get rid of sins and sufferings

its time to light the diyas and candles

its time to decorate our houses

ornamented with flowers and rangolis

to welcome Goddess Lakshmi

its time for love and affection

DIWALI---Array of lamps
                  Rows of diyas
it teaches us to uphold

 the true values of life

the darkness represent ignorance


the light symbolises

the dawn of a new year

firework lights up the night sky

in the spirit of the celebration..!!!!

Light a diya,sit quiety,shut your eyes,

withdraw your senses,

concerntrate on this supreme light


illuminate the Soul!!!

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali.....

your smile..

every night he's awake

to check if my smile is there

on my face

the only smile for him

is when

 i smile from inside

but someone should tell him

how can i smile

when life brings me nothing

but tears

your smile brings me somewhere

i dont even know where

but your smile

melts my heart,

makes my day,

every moment,

in every ways,

brighten up my life

and takes my pain away....

undying love affair...

sometimes i try to touch your finger
you run and hide
and i remain as freak minded for a while...

sometimes one raindrop stick on ur lip
and i dare to give a gentle blow...

sometimes when you close your eyes
and whisper....
its like im loosing my ground
and touching the sky...

sometimes your promises are stronger
than the blessing of God
your magical words creates
miracles that i never dreamt before...

sometimes i wonder
how on this earth
someone like you could
ever fall in love with me
you know me inside out
when i am down all i need is
one word from you and
im smiling through the day....

sometimes your soft caress
shows me light
my promises leads me
to the ocean of love
your loving silent looks
sparkle love all over me...

sometimes i need you
like springtime blosssoms need
 rain and sunshine..
you have a magical way
of reaching inside me and
filling my heart with happiness.
you make me feel like
i can accomplish anything
i have tasted beauty
that never ends
i experienced love to its fullest
you are the world to me,in different colors....

sometimes i think
why we are like this....
i know its you
i have been waiting for..
destiny brings us together
though we are apart,
you are still here
in my heart...
you will always be my soulmate
i will always be yours......


No words to express

the gratitude

i feel in my heart

that our hearts

have come to dwell together...

i cant stop reminiscing
the last evening
that we spent together

you just stole my heart last night

you were looking stunning dressed in black
i could not tear my eyes away from you....

speaks the word of heart

looking into your deep eyes
i find words unheard,unseen

in silence,
i revealed my love

you changed my world
with a blink of an eye..

looking up into your eyes
my problem and pain fades away

the magic ,the beauty of your love
soothes the impossible frustration away

i consider my self lucky
to experienced your warmth

you are my ultimate passion
that makes my soul melts

your very presence
makes my life complete..!!!!!


human being are spectacular,
brilliant and broken
everyone needs to understand
the power of our internal cry
for acceptances,value and belongings..
finding yourself is an enlightening experience
you become self-sufficient
do things for others
without expectations of
something in return
you are no longer needy
you become utterly greatful
for all the things people have done for you
when you love urself
and who you are
you will savor
you enjoy both life's
pain and pleasure
we all want to be happy
we all crave affection and attention
we all have a picture in our mind
of our ideal life
we want to provide
a better life for posterity (legacy)!!

U and ME

last night
i had a beautiful dream

wandering around
lost myself in a fog

every face i saw was strange

then you smiled at me,
extended your hand

my darkest and loneliness moment vanished

i fall asleep
as u wrapped me in your arms..

i dream of you

your hand running through my hair
my heart touched

my soul embraced

a warm feeling rains from your lips
and covers me completely

your eyes pierce deep in my soul
as i feel you watch me

my heart beats
as you touch me

i want to hear your voice

i want you to hold me tight

a gentle brush of your fingers
shiver down my spine

sensual touch
passion burns brightly
bodies engage slightly
eyes met and lips touched

a soothing touch of caresss
you gently breathe
i close my eyes
and felt your love flowing softly over me
you instantly swept me off my feet

you hold my hand and kissed me
i soared to heaven

i wonder if its reality
or im dreaming

moments of complete hapiness
i experienced with you

i lied next to you and
fall asleep in your arms...!!

secret admirer

his poem i dedicate to a special person whom i met in just short
time,i felt like i know him from ages.It was just what i needed as
i felt like i got someone so close to share my thoughts and emotions!!!!!

staring at the moon each night
i saw your gentle smile
the smile that gave me
the strength
to make the impossible possible....

inside of me there is a place
where my sweetest dreams reside
where my highest hopes are kept alive
where my deepest feelings are felt
where my memories are safe and warm....

you was sent down to earth for a mission
a mission to find someone that completes me
like a star you came into my life
filled my heart with joy
taught me what life is all about
keeps me shining day and night
makes my life worthwhile with his smile..

when i look into your eyes
i saw the real me
a person that lives for
a goal and a purpose..!!!!!

a silent truth

there are certain people
who come in your life
      and leave a mark
their place in your heart is tender
       a bruise of longing
just hearing their names
pushes and pulls at you in hundred ways

we drive tonight
you by my side
we were talking about our lives

a comforatble silence
hand in hand
everything disappeared

i felt complete
like nobody else can touch me,

its like i am on the top of the world
with someone who means a lot to me

i won the bet
lost my heart

he clutched me in his arms
a kiss we shared
a whisper is spoken
and touch is felt

your touch my smile,
my cheeks your lips,
my favourite moment

the drive and talks were amazing

my heart pounds
as i lay by your side
your eyes
so bright and alive and enchanting

stay for tonight
i fell in love
from the moment we kissed

she made my day

yesterday i was very sad
the door bell rang
i opened the door
and found
my mom standing outside
she stepped in
caressed me in her arms
tears roll down
from my eyes
as i was waiting
for this BIG tight HUG..!!!

that phone call

what happens when we feel that
someone close to us
suddenly cooled off....

last night i received a call
call of someone close to me
she shouted over me

''writing poems doesnot mean
that im talented
wearing good clothes
doesnt mean
i look young and sexy
getting praises always
doesnt mean
that im beautiful
be what you are...''

im a woman
who stay in my limits
never hurt anyone..

sitting alone
feeling sick
thinking how she
mistreated me
i was just wondering..

THAT WE CALL...romance

silently walk

holding each other hand's

your heart engulfed

in the beauty of love..

gazing into each others eyes

while the sun is going down

looking at the lapping wave
kissing your feet..

softly he pulls you close


whisper those three magical words
into your eyes

the whole world comes
at a halt

your heart starts beating faster...

you have tears
in your eyes

and you curl up
tight in his arms...

the journey called...LIFE

Pour your heart to the one you love

love makes everything seems to be
beautiful and perfect

its the will power
to over look
the shortcomings
that makes the journey

life is a journey

full of moments and memories

life teaches us lessons

life unveils before us
the magic of love..

the ugliness of hatred

importance of friendship

bonding of siblings

observations made on life
are endless
no matter what


life is beautiful

and is worth living

it gives us strength


an inspiration

to take the journey called

right person on right time...

A very special in my heart
i have known

who shared every tear,
every sadness
joy and happiness

it is a love that grows
like a flower in the field

my love is boundless

you have always been
protective n supportive

you have provide me
with an anchor of support.

wen I m in my darkest moment
no one holds me
no matter what the circumstances
when no one understands me
i know you are always there

when my cheeks are wet with tears
you hold me to erase my fears

you give me true advice

beside me you stand
to confide
to share
through all my troubles

even though you get tired

but you always stay by my side
to make me feel
how beautiful
the things in the life

love I felt as time goes on

a love
i will cherish and keep forever

you became someone special
in my heart!!!!!!

I'm beautiful..2

Yes I feel myself beautiful in every field
I carry out things very well
one who loves me for them also
one who never accepts me in any circumstance
for them also

Beneath my skin
a beautiful heart reside
it's warm
it's pure

unspoken words
are hidden deep within
where I weave my dreams
where life is an ecstasy
a glimmer of hope
that gets me through the day

where there is no place
for hatred

I thank god for
giving me such a pious heart
 I thanks all my poet freak friends
who have made my heart
more beautiful
through their kind love
and touching words..

I thank them all
for reading me and
appreciating my work
God Bless Them All.....

I'm beautiful

'm beautiful

       I'm gorgeous in my own eyes

and no one can change that

         I'm beautiful

     in God"s blessings

           I'm beautiful

        in my child's smile

            I'm beautiful

       in my mother's prayer

          I'm beautiful

      in my lover's arms

       I'm beautiful

      in my friend's thoughts

      Who says...

"nobody is beautiful than your thought...
since it's your thoughts
that makes me beautiful."


It is indeed very rare to find a friend on whom
we can completely rely and trust....

 my world was dark and empty
u came to me in perfect time
reading my poems
u felt my pain
as no one else could ever

u lift my spirits
and always gets me through my hard times
u have made my world new and alive
u make me smile
when ever I feel gloomy

I have tasted failure
but was always
strengthen by you
u made me famous
describing our friendship
through your wonderful poems

we are miles away
still in each other's heart
ur love contains no bounderies
your presence enhances me
through your warm tender letters

your friendship is a precious gift
you are as beautiful as
You are from with in your soul
I couldn't find words to describe
your love and care towards me

no matter
it's a beautiful bond between FRIENDS

painful reality

I'm not a poet
nor a writer
just a simple human being
life is a challenge for me

got married 14yrs back
still struggling with the people around me
facing problems
physically as well as mentally

was fed up with me life
so many questions
came in my mind
to get rid of all

than I met a friend in Poemhunter
he encouraged me to write
my worries n pain
on a piece of paper
and got them published there

my poems are my feelings
feelings which no one can feel
now I met Sylvia
who read my heart through my poems
I thank god for her kind n true trust n love towards me

One of my reader mailed me
that I have copied
Somebodies else literature for my work
I don't do this
still I request to all my readers n friends
Please forgive me
If any of you find
that I have copied their work
may be I have read something somewhere
and added to my work
I AM SORRY for that

thanks a lot
to all my friends
for their love for me
my poems are based on my life
and it's full of pain
I don't give rights to play with my sentiments
I quit!!!!!