Sunday, February 12, 2012

painful reality

I'm not a poet
nor a writer
just a simple human being
life is a challenge for me

got married 14yrs back
still struggling with the people around me
facing problems
physically as well as mentally

was fed up with me life
so many questions
came in my mind
to get rid of all

than I met a friend in Poemhunter
he encouraged me to write
my worries n pain
on a piece of paper
and got them published there

my poems are my feelings
feelings which no one can feel
now I met Sylvia
who read my heart through my poems
I thank god for her kind n true trust n love towards me

One of my reader mailed me
that I have copied
Somebodies else literature for my work
I don't do this
still I request to all my readers n friends
Please forgive me
If any of you find
that I have copied their work
may be I have read something somewhere
and added to my work
I AM SORRY for that

thanks a lot
to all my friends
for their love for me
my poems are based on my life
and it's full of pain
I don't give rights to play with my sentiments
I quit!!!!!

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