Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day in sky

Oh! Dear pilot,
take me higher,
higher up in the sky
I want to fly,
I want to be free from all worries....

Oh Dear!
I want to touch the sky
I want to touch the clouds
I want to sit with Angels side by side...

Fly me higher
without bounds I soar.
Take me for a ride.
Like a bird,
I want to see the earth from the sky

I want to fly towards the sky
Over the mountain,
Over the sea
Over the rainbow so high....
Reach for the sky,
its my dream to be up there,
So, my dear pilot..
take me higher
higher up in the sky..! !

feel the magic of monsoon..

The word itself makes one happy,
 The season of rainbows and raindrops.
The washed streets
The fresh leaves
Seem to smile with you.

The intoxicating smell
 Of the dry earth
 Getting drenched
 The splashing waters
The tiny paper boats
 Sailing on the clogged water

The farmers rejoice in the showers
  That promise
To bring their prosperity

The rivers joyfully overflow
The trees dance
To the tune of wind
The mountains and fields
Covered with
Verdant green carpet
Ready to welcome you.

Everyone from
Little children to old men
To the dust covered trees,
Look forward
To the thunderous rain of monsoon.

just because.

Just because…..

He is the most wonderful,
Amazing,sweet and kind
A guy  I have ever known
In my entire life

I love him because….
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
He makes me happy
Accepts  the real me
Appreciates me for
 who I am
I feel safe
when I am with him

I love him
for offering
 his shoulder for me
 to lean on….

I love him
for making me feel better
for making me feel special
for making me feel alive
for making my dream come true

so I send these words with love
why did I send them??
                     just because….

i miss him..

Missing someone is terrible
      its a sweet feeling
      rushing to the phone
      once it rings
      hoping that its him
       looking out of the window
       hoping that
      he will surprise you
      sitting infront of the television
     but thinking of him
     lying on bed
     thinking of the last time
     you were together

our first date or our first kiss

the glance..
the smile…
oh! the first kiss…

we met
his lips touched mine
and we had our first kiss

his kiss was
soft and gentle
smooth and warm

it’s a feeling
words cant describe
i breathe in so hard
tried to catch my breath
as we deeply fell in love

with graceful eyelashes
 i can see reflection
   of our love
i look into his eyes,
we smile,
 that was our first kiss

was it our first date?
Was it our first kiss??

august love

This august
a tauriantough guy met
a sweet sensitive sad leo girl
and fell in love with her

He gently took her hand in his
and said,
‘’i will hold your hand
when you need me
i will do my best to
make you smile
you are so special’’

Leo girl
shared her world with him
all the smiles and tears
how lucky she was
to have him in her life.

She whispered that…
‘’i never knew that
i was alive
until you showed me
how to live
i need to feel loved in my life
need to be with you…!!’’

everything about him

i love the way you laugh
i love the way u smile
i love how you care
and all the joy you bring
i love the way you are always
here by my side
i love the way
you pick me up
when i am down
i love when you make me mad
i love when you tease me
you are my soul
you are my heart
you mean more to me
i am so in love with you
i don't go one minute
without thinking of you
that i was with you
thankyou for everything thankyou for teaching me to love you
before,i feared love
bt now i know i cant go on
in love
my love,my only love
you have allowed me to open up
my heart and trust again
u have allowed me to smile
be happy again..!!!