Sunday, February 12, 2012

right person on right time...

A very special in my heart
i have known

who shared every tear,
every sadness
joy and happiness

it is a love that grows
like a flower in the field

my love is boundless

you have always been
protective n supportive

you have provide me
with an anchor of support.

wen I m in my darkest moment
no one holds me
no matter what the circumstances
when no one understands me
i know you are always there

when my cheeks are wet with tears
you hold me to erase my fears

you give me true advice

beside me you stand
to confide
to share
through all my troubles

even though you get tired

but you always stay by my side
to make me feel
how beautiful
the things in the life

love I felt as time goes on

a love
i will cherish and keep forever

you became someone special
in my heart!!!!!!

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