Sunday, February 12, 2012

i'm sorry

im sorry friend

your friendship was a gift
so precious so rare

i know i was wrong
i messed up

we were so close at heart
but we suddenly drifted apart

i know its all my fault
i left a deep scar on your heart

i'm sorry for all those times you cried
i know you feel empty and heartbroken

i know you spend so many nights awake in bed
i know i have caused a unbearable pain

i dont deserve to be forgiven

you were so sincere
helping me out with my problems

that shows how great you are
i'm stupid for letting this fade away

i owe you an apology

forgive me...
it was not my intentions to make you sad

i'm smiling,living but
missing how days are used to be
how we cared for each other without end

i'm sick of feeling like
 something is missing
and i cant make it right

you are my everything

i cant beleive that our friendship
faced a tragic end
its very hard to accept
so ''MISHU'' come back in my life
i need u........

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