Sunday, February 12, 2012

please come back to me

just like the earth expecting rain
to come down during summer
like a light needed
in the darkness
i called upon stars in the sky
wishing you are here..

didn't the sun rises on the east
and sleep on the west?
didn't you heard the flower in the garden
whisper about my eternal love for you?
i always ask the moon
when are you going
to fulfill my dreams..

i can't think for a life,
only love that floating
beneath the shadow of beauty
that gives an eternal moment...

my love,
    let us make something new,
a love that only a few

my love,
i have dream about you,
your touch,
your kindness and
everything that i desire in you..

knowing that my heart is missing you
i try to find a place for me
in the corner of your life...

our kiss shall be memorized
among the lovers..
when ever our hands
joined as a unity of love,
i'll always love you
i'll always do.
please come back to me....

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