Sunday, February 12, 2012

she is my angel..

she has fallen from the sky above
   fallen to the ground,
she is an angel that nobody could see
   an angel,what she is to me.

In my heart and mind
where she lives
an angel with beautiful brown eyes
 and black silky hairs

she loves me for who i am
she cares about me
she has brought love in my heart
she is everything i want
  every thing i need..

she got a way of touching my heart
  like nobody else knows,
she is the one i feel at peace
when i'm laying in her arms

I can't stop thinking about her
when ever she touches me,
it sends a chill up my spine,
  her kisses on my lips
   is something i long for each day

my heart is no longer lonely
  my angel has love for me
that is very pure and kind

she is my angel,
send from god to share
life with me...

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