Sunday, February 12, 2012

she is the one..

she takes my breath away

when I see her

she’s beautiful, quiet and shy

she knows I like her

but she has no clue how much

i cant imagine life without her

she makes me feel like

no one else does

the touch of her beautiful soft face

makes me enlighten with happiness

she’s my heart, my joy, my everything

she accepts me

for who i am

she doesn’t try to

make me change

she makes me feel complete

she's the one who know me

better than even me

she’s got a way of touching my heart

like nobody else knows

she always denies

she’s perfect

but I know what she is

she’s my princess in the

morning, afternoon and night

when I kiss her on her tender lips

she moves her hands

and touches the side of my face

makes me tingle

the world stops for a while

every minute

we share together

is a minute

i will hold tight

she’s the woman
 of my dreams

i love from the top of her head

to the tip of her toes

she’s amazing

she’s the last thing

i think about at night


first thing about in the morning…

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