Sunday, February 12, 2012

secret admirer

his poem i dedicate to a special person whom i met in just short
time,i felt like i know him from ages.It was just what i needed as
i felt like i got someone so close to share my thoughts and emotions!!!!!

staring at the moon each night
i saw your gentle smile
the smile that gave me
the strength
to make the impossible possible....

inside of me there is a place
where my sweetest dreams reside
where my highest hopes are kept alive
where my deepest feelings are felt
where my memories are safe and warm....

you was sent down to earth for a mission
a mission to find someone that completes me
like a star you came into my life
filled my heart with joy
taught me what life is all about
keeps me shining day and night
makes my life worthwhile with his smile..

when i look into your eyes
i saw the real me
a person that lives for
a goal and a purpose..!!!!!

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