Sunday, February 12, 2012

why do we fall in love

love is a blissful feeling
 once you feel it,you cant go back
you dont choose love,love chooses you
love has its own time,its own season
its own reason of coming and going...

why do we open our heart
to feel broken and vulnerable
falling in love is human's most divine
sense of feeling...

for some
love never fades away..
but sometimes with that love
comes an ache
this ache wears on their soul
they find themselves forgetting
where they loved in the first place
so,they let go.....

so,why do we fall in love??
knowing it always ends in pain
no one plans to fall out of love
it happens and when it does,it hurts

when you love someone
you sacrifice to give everything you have got
you risk it all no matter what
you miss someone so bad
it makes you cry
you were left alone
without knowing why

why is love so hard to seem them
why is pain so rich and deep
love make us insane
why do we make someone else more
important than ourself
if love hurts
why do we fall in love??

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