Sunday, February 12, 2012

words of love..

Feel the emotion
treasure it in your heart.
Being in love is
such an exqiusite feeling
it creates magical ripples
in your heart

The bond of love,
the togetherness
the caring attitude
all couples up
to a wonderful heavenly feeling

When you are in love
you need to express it
its a miracle which makes
everything around you look greener
bask in the glory of love

Falling in love is the most
sweet moment of your life
that you want to cherish lifelong

True love
has immense power
without love
every human being is powerless,

It is that feeling in you heart
that makes you more responsible
you realize that your presence
holds a lot of importance
in someone's life.

Make your life
bed of roses
with a loving relationship.
Drive your sweetheart
in a whirpool of madness
arouse the deep instinct of love!!!

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