Sunday, February 12, 2012

U and ME

last night
i had a beautiful dream

wandering around
lost myself in a fog

every face i saw was strange

then you smiled at me,
extended your hand

my darkest and loneliness moment vanished

i fall asleep
as u wrapped me in your arms..

i dream of you

your hand running through my hair
my heart touched

my soul embraced

a warm feeling rains from your lips
and covers me completely

your eyes pierce deep in my soul
as i feel you watch me

my heart beats
as you touch me

i want to hear your voice

i want you to hold me tight

a gentle brush of your fingers
shiver down my spine

sensual touch
passion burns brightly
bodies engage slightly
eyes met and lips touched

a soothing touch of caresss
you gently breathe
i close my eyes
and felt your love flowing softly over me
you instantly swept me off my feet

you hold my hand and kissed me
i soared to heaven

i wonder if its reality
or im dreaming

moments of complete hapiness
i experienced with you

i lied next to you and
fall asleep in your arms...!!

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