Sunday, February 12, 2012

a silent truth

there are certain people
who come in your life
      and leave a mark
their place in your heart is tender
       a bruise of longing
just hearing their names
pushes and pulls at you in hundred ways

we drive tonight
you by my side
we were talking about our lives

a comforatble silence
hand in hand
everything disappeared

i felt complete
like nobody else can touch me,

its like i am on the top of the world
with someone who means a lot to me

i won the bet
lost my heart

he clutched me in his arms
a kiss we shared
a whisper is spoken
and touch is felt

your touch my smile,
my cheeks your lips,
my favourite moment

the drive and talks were amazing

my heart pounds
as i lay by your side
your eyes
so bright and alive and enchanting

stay for tonight
i fell in love
from the moment we kissed

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