Sunday, February 12, 2012

undying love affair...

sometimes i try to touch your finger
you run and hide
and i remain as freak minded for a while...

sometimes one raindrop stick on ur lip
and i dare to give a gentle blow...

sometimes when you close your eyes
and whisper....
its like im loosing my ground
and touching the sky...

sometimes your promises are stronger
than the blessing of God
your magical words creates
miracles that i never dreamt before...

sometimes i wonder
how on this earth
someone like you could
ever fall in love with me
you know me inside out
when i am down all i need is
one word from you and
im smiling through the day....

sometimes your soft caress
shows me light
my promises leads me
to the ocean of love
your loving silent looks
sparkle love all over me...

sometimes i need you
like springtime blosssoms need
 rain and sunshine..
you have a magical way
of reaching inside me and
filling my heart with happiness.
you make me feel like
i can accomplish anything
i have tasted beauty
that never ends
i experienced love to its fullest
you are the world to me,in different colors....

sometimes i think
why we are like this....
i know its you
i have been waiting for..
destiny brings us together
though we are apart,
you are still here
in my heart...
you will always be my soulmate
i will always be yours......

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