Sunday, February 12, 2012

love of my beloved

His love is like none other
he’s faithful,he’s responsible
he takes care of me
when i’m really crabby
he stays up with me and
talks to me,when I can’t sleep

he pushes me to do better
he takes his career seriously
he is fond of cars
he buys chocolates and cards for me
he trusts me completely
he loves me for who I’m
he loves
when i say
that he’s increadibly romantic

i love when he truly
 makes me feel beautiful
from inside and out
i love when he tells me
that he will always
protect me
and  i know he
mean it

i always calls him handsome
 never tire of looking at him
i love his confidence
i like his cuddles and snuggles
he has an amazing sexy voice
l love when he place
a soft kiss on my forehead
I miss him when he’s gone

i like when he takes care of me
i love when he listen to me
I love the way
He tolerates my possessiveness
i like when he calls me ‘baby’
he likes to hug me tight
we both like long drive
holding hand in hand

i love the way he makes me smile
saying nothing
i love when he whisper
in my ear’I want you’
he treats me like a wife
and sweetheart
i love him,he’s my life
my everything!

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