Sunday, February 12, 2012


It is indeed very rare to find a friend on whom
we can completely rely and trust....

 my world was dark and empty
u came to me in perfect time
reading my poems
u felt my pain
as no one else could ever

u lift my spirits
and always gets me through my hard times
u have made my world new and alive
u make me smile
when ever I feel gloomy

I have tasted failure
but was always
strengthen by you
u made me famous
describing our friendship
through your wonderful poems

we are miles away
still in each other's heart
ur love contains no bounderies
your presence enhances me
through your warm tender letters

your friendship is a precious gift
you are as beautiful as
You are from with in your soul
I couldn't find words to describe
your love and care towards me

no matter
it's a beautiful bond between FRIENDS

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