Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Love You Darling!!!

I am dieing to be in your arms
the warmth and comfort
i find here,
can’t be felt anywhere
in the whole world wide!

i have been craving for
the kind of love,
care and affection
that you have given me from ages.

the way you hold me,
take care of me,
feed me
with those awesome
finger licking dishes
prepared with
the secret ingredient of
unconditional love,
are totally exotic!!

the moment spent with you
have been
the best memories…

i like the playful
harmless teasing,
the way you look
into my eyes
make me
fall in love
with you
over and over again….

your cute little smile
the warmth hugs
the silken smooches
you holding me,
as if
the day’s
never gonna end
you have made me crazy
i am enjoying this feeling
to the core!!!

please keep loving me
like this always….
your’s and only your’s….

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