Sunday, February 12, 2012

what went wrong..

every day i m crying
what went wrong with you
you were so close to me
why you are leaving me
the pain is so intence
i need to stop this pain...

no longer i feel you in my soul
i feel as you are so far away
nothing is clear
i'm lost and sad...

alone in the bed
crying every night
dreaming of the days
holding me in your arms
your gorgeous eyes i will never forget
your lips so smooth
begging for a kiss
still asking myself
what i have done
i dont have the strength to carry on..

i miss you my love
tell me truly with your heart
if you dont love me anymore
just let me know
i will let you go...

you were my everything
now,you are going
my heart is breaking in me
my tears are overflowing
i lay here crying
what went wrong....

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