Sunday, February 12, 2012

love names means to him..

Jaan- I guess that's too obvious, because you are my life. It starts
and ends with you.

Baby/ bacha/ raja beta- because i feel responsible for you, because i
want to take care of you, because i'll be there to protect you as my
little one, no matter what and because you never say no to what i say,
meri shab baatein maan lete ho.

Shona- because you are too beautiful, and you are as pure as gold.

Mithi/ sweetu- i call you this because you are very sweet, as a person
and you taste amazingly sweet.

Darling- because you are.

Cutie- because you are very very cute, you have the innocense of a baby.

Babu- because i give you every right to rule me, to be my boss.

Huney- because you have the sweetness and texture of honey. The
softness, the silky flavour.

Huny-buny- to be honest they are awesome. Muah.

Princess- because i would want to treat you the way a princess is
treated, cared and loved. I want to pamper you as a princess.

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